Fine Dining

At John-Wesley Villas of Savannah, dining is not only an opportunity for our residents to enjoy a meal, but also for socializing. We understand and have created a gorgeous environment to support that...

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Amenities & Services

You will not believe all of the amenities and services at your fingertips when you become a resident at John-Wesley Villas of Savannah! These are just a few of the...

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John-Wesley Villas of Savannah has such a variety of activities and events, it is one of the many reasons people choose to call it their home. We believe that when the mind is...

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Video Testimonials

You don’t have to just take our word for it regarding how much you will love John-Wesley Villas of Savannah, GA. See the video testimonials below of what our ...

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Independent and Assisted Living Retirement Community

John-Wesley Villas of Savannah, Georgia

John-Wesley Villas of Savannah understands that no two people are alike, and celebrates the individuality and uniqueness of every resident who calls John-Wesley their home. We offer both Independent and Assisted Living apartments to best suit your wants and needs. We also tailor our Assisted Living amenities and services to meet each individual's specific needs. Need a vacation or time to rest and relax? We also offer Recuperative and Respite stays for your comfort and convenience.


At John-Wesley Villas of Savannah, everything we do is to one end, providing a friendly and rewarding atmosphere for our Independent and Assisted Living residents so they are truly living life to its fullest.


In order to uphold our motto, "Retirement Living at its Finest" we offer an elegant atmosphere combined with southern hospitality and a safe home environment. We strive to provide our residents with everything they need to have the retirement they deserve. Explore our website to find out more and stop by our award winning property to see exactly how we make that happen everyday. We invite you to have lunch with us, tour the property, meet the staff, and fall in love with John-Wesley Villas of Savannah, Georgia.


Assisted Living


Retirement Community Living vs. Living at Home

Retirement communities are meant to ENHANCE your life, not diminish it in any way. The vast majority of our Independent Living residents could live at home, but choose not to for a variety of reasons such as:

      • Socialization – Many seniors find getting together with friends more difficult as they age- friends move away, some people don’t drive, etc. At a retirement community, friends are literally just steps away from your front door. Bridge friends, dinner companions, and walking buddies are always available. Not only are there great opportunities to meet and socialize with new friends, but life at a retirement community affords you the ability to entertain old friends as well. Instead of having to clean your home, weed your garden, and prepare a meal, our staff will take care of everything, so that you can entertain your friends and family, or even a large group in one of our nicely appointed common rooms.
      • Peace of Mind – You may not ever need emergency care, but it’s nice to know that it’s available should you need it. With a 24/7 staff on hand, we have the ability to respond quickly in a dire situation, and either administer aid, or call 911.
      • Health Benefits: There is a case to be made that living with supportive services allows seniors to live more independent lives, longer. No more skipping meals because it’s so difficult to cook for one, no physical issues from straining to move the television closer, no more forgetting to take the correct medicine. With supportive services, you are free to focus on what is most important – friends, family, fun.
      • Affordability – Once you add up the costs of living at home and paying your own utilities, auto insurance, transportation expenses, home maintenance and property taxes, mortgage, etc. and compare it to our “all included” plan, we feel sure you’ll see the value in living at a retirement community like John-Wesley Villas of Savannah.

Moving into a new home after years in one place can be daunting, but our staff will be there to help with the transition. We believe that within a matter of days, you’ll be happily hanging the “Home Sweet Home” sign on your front door.