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How do the costs of living at John-Wesley Villas of Savannah compare with the costs of living in your own home? You may be surprised at the savings of living in a retirement community.

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Monthly Housing Expenses

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Monthly Expenses
Monthly Expenses
Rent or Mortgage$Complete all fields to see how much you'll save!
Monthly Housing Taxes and Insurance$Included in rent.
Monthly Home Maintenance$Included! Our maintenance man is just a phone call away
Monthly Utility: Gas$Included. In fact, all of your monthly utilities are included.
Monthly Utility: Electricity$All thermostats located in your apartment
Monthly Utility: Water$Included! Enjoy a long, hot shower on us.
Trash Service$Included! We will even pick it up from your apartment.
Monthly Security Alarm Fee$Included! We have staff on the property 24/7
Monthly Homeowners Association$Resident Associations are free and open to everyone.
Monthly Food Costs$Included! We provide 3 meals and snacks every day.
Monthly Laundry Costs$Included! We provide weekly laundry services.
Monthly Housekeeping Service$Included! Our housekeepers clean your apartment every week.
Monthly Automobile payment$Included! We offer scheduled transportation at no cost.
Monthly Auto expense – gas$Included! If we're driving, the gas is on us!
Monthly Auto expense – insurance$Included! You don’t have to worry about any of the auto expenses. Just tell us where you’re headed and leave the rest to us.
Monthly Basic Cable Bill$Included! We provide basic cable at no cost.
Monthly In-Home Entertainment$Included! All of the events and entertainers we provide at the community are included.
Monthly Lawn Service$Included! We have gorgeous landscaping, walking paths, etc. for your enjoyment.


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Monthly Expenses
Monthly Expenses*
Housing Expenses$0$0
Utilities and Dues$0$0
Living Expenses$0$0
Total Expenses$0$0
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*Based on lowest priced apartment. This does not guarantee availability. To get accurate information on what is available, costs, etc. please contact a sales consultant.