Our Company

raulsmen2Committed to providing excellent service and quality of life to retirees, the Rauls family stands alone as a family owned and operated leader in retirement living. Currently five communities strong and eager to grow, our commitment to “Retirement Living at its Finest” is the reason we have been so successful over the past fifty–five years. It all began with a Methodist Minister, Tyler J. Rauls, Sr. in 1958, and his unyielding commitment to caring for retirees. He built the first modern nursing facility in Macon, Georgia and his vision was passed on to the second generation, sons T.J. and Frank Rauls.

In 1986 T.J. and Frank founded John-Wesley Villas, Inc. in Macon, Georgia, jump starting the concept of Assisted Living. Along with T.J. and Frank, T.J.’s wife Amy Rauls proved to be another visionary committed to service and excellence for senior citizens. Amy started her work at the original John-Wesley Villas in 1986 and quickly expanded her service to all of the communities, playing a vital role in their success. Only a few years after the Macon community opened, the company expanded its horizons, offering both Assisted and Independent Living with John-Wesley Villas of Savannah in 1989. Continuing with the success of both John-Wesley Villas communities, T.J. and Frank expanded yet again with the purchase of Winnwood Retirement Community, Inc. in historic Marietta, Georgia in 1995. Joining T.J. and Frank as well as their grandfather, the third generation began its dedication to service and commitment for all retirees with John Rauls, Frank’s son, and Andy Rauls, TJ’s son, taking lead roles at the successful Marietta community and Wesley Rauls, TJ’s eldest son, joining the Corporate Office located in Macon, Georgia. The vision of earlier generations has been instilled in the new generation; they have educated themselves in Gerontology and Business in hopes of offering the best service and quality of life to retirees. Veranda of Pensacola, Inc. was purchased in April of 2009 and has proven yet again, the success of a family owned and operated business. A company founded on family values, respect for seniors, and the best in quality of life for retirees is precisely how we are able to continue to grow as a company. In order to offer our top line of service to even more retirees in the south, we expanded with the purchase of Preston Pointe, LLC in Morrisville, North Carolina; a suburb of Raleigh in May of 2013. This upscale retirement community is in close proximity to the Research Triangle. This area historically has provided high quality jobs and a strong economy. A new development of only three years, Preston Pointe is comprised of 166 independent living apartments. The Rauls family was able to bring the purchase of Preston Pointe to fruition with in-depth planning and the sale of its apartment complex, Forest Pointe Apartments, located in Macon, Georgia. Selling the apartment complex and purchasing property in a more affluent area was just another step the family needed to take to instill a brighter future for the business. With focus on the future, the Rauls family not only expanded its retirement communities but also made the decision to modify its operating model from a family only managed company to the addition of outside managers in order to compliment the family’s efforts. The assimilation of new people is working well as is the transition in recent years from the gradual shift of responsibilities between one generation and the next. The senior family members are able to relinquish many of their former responsibilities to the younger generation with much success. The Rauls family looks forward to the future and what it holds for us. You won’t find another company that offers family values sharing in the same common goal. Our residents are our family, that’s what makes our company the success that it is.groundbreakingweb